the   Stover   Canal   Trust,   was   formed,   incorporating   representatives   of   the   society,   Teignbridge   District   Council,   the   relevant County,   Town   and   Parish   Councils   plus   other   interested   parties,   to   manage   the   canal   and   carry   out   restoration   work.   In February   2010   the   Trust   signed   a   lease   on   the   canal,   clearing   the   way   for   restoration   to   begin   in   earnest.   In   January   2014 members voted to disband the Society and merge its activities with the Trust.
In   the   intervening   years   good   progress   has   been   made   on   the   physical   restoration   of   the   canal,   holding   monthly   Working Parties   which   have   cleared   scrub   and   trees   from   a   considerable   proportion   of   the   canal,   allowing   the   extent   of   the   remaining work to be assessed. On   the   18th   May   2012    Teignbridge   District   Council   granted   Conditional   Planning   Permission   for   phase   1   of   the   restoration work.   The   Planning   decision   was   closely   followed   by   the   announcement   of   £44,000   of   funding   for   the   work   from   the   Landfill Communities Fund, distributed by Ugbrooke Environmental Limited through the Viridor Credits. Phase   1   has   created   a   new   pedestrian   access   to   the   existing   Stover   Canal   towpath   at   Jetty   Marsh   by   means   of   an   elevated walkway   through   the   bywash   arch,   the   re-surfacing   of   the   existing   towpath,   the   building   of   a   further   elevated   walkway   over   the bywash   to   connect   with   the   path   around   the   Clay   Cellars   leading   to   Exeter   Road.   On   the   north   side   of   the   Old   Exeter   Road,   in the meadow, a connecting path has been created. On   the   17th   August,   2013 ,   completion   of   Phase   1   of   the   restoration   was   marked   by   a   ribbon   cutting   ceremony.   The   towpath along   the   canal   from   Jetty   Marsh   to   the   Teigngrace   Lock   was   opened   by   Mr   Justin   Templer,   a   direct   descendent   of   James Templer   who   ordered   the   building   of   the   canal   over   200   years   ago.   The   public   are   now   able   to   enjoy   a   walk   along   the   canal which had been inaccessible for some 60 years. Excavation   at   Ventiford   Basin   took   place   in   May   2014    and   the   remains   of   a   barge   were   uncovered   in   the   winding   hole,   where vessels were turned through 180 degrees to make the return journey to Jetty Marsh. The quay walls were also revealed. In   late   2014,   while   contractors   for   Devon   County   Council   were   involved   in   the   construction   of   the   cycle   and   walkway,   the Stover   Way,   evidence   of   rails   from   George   Templers   Granite   Railway   was   discovered.   These   were   further   investigated,   along with the remains of the barge, at a further archaeological dig in May 2015 . At   the   end   of   August   2015    for   a   period   of   two   weeks,   members   of   the   Waterway   Recovery   Group   were   on-site   clearing   the Graving   Dock   Lock   of   decades   of   undergrowth,   repointing   much   of   the   granite   blockwork,   rebuilding   the   boiler   structure   and improving the footpath alongside the canal. Work continued throughout 2016. During   2016    efforts   were   concentrated   at   Ventiford   Basin   where   we   received   generous   help   from   the   local   clay   company, Sibelco,   and   some   of   their   staff.   Hundreds   of   tons   of   silt   were   removed   to   expose   the   original   channel.   The   remains   of   three more barges were discovered and recorded. Further lengths of George Templer’s Granite Tramway were also uncovered.
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The    Stover    Canal    Society    was    formed    following    a public   meeting   held   in   February   1999   which   expressed overwhelming   enthusiasm   for   the   canal   to   be   restored. Teignbridge   District   Council   had   incorporated   part   of the   canal   towpath   into   the   Templer   Way   historical   trail in   the   late   1980s   and   were   considering   what   future steps   to   take;   the   Inland   Waterways   Association   had been   calling   for   action   over   the   state   of   the   canal   and   a number   of   individuals,   notably   the   society’s   founding chairman,   Roger   Harding,   had   been   enquiring   about and   investigating   the   status   and   condition   of   the   canal. He   was   featured   in   a   BBC   Spotlight   item   in   March 2010. At   that   time   the   majority   of   the   canal   was   owned   by Railtrack   (now   Network   Rail),   who   agreed   to   hand   over the   canal   free   of   charge   to   Teignbridge   District   Council for   leisure   use   by   the   community.   A   Charitable   Trust,
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Restoration   of   Graving   Dock   Lock   took   place   over   2015/16    with   help   from   the   Waterways   Recovery   Group   and   local contractors and craftsmen. Reconstruction of the steam boiler was undertaken by our own volunteers.
Lower Towpath-Phase 1 Lower Towpath-Phase 1 Graving Dock Lock Graving Dock Lock Ventiford Basin and the Granite Tramway Ventiford Basin and the Granite Tramway
Built by our forefathers, preserved for our grandchildren
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