Preserving yesterday for tomorrow
Working   on   the   canal   can   be   a   great   team-building   experience.    For   example,   every   year,   the   employees   of   Motorola      take time   away   from   their   corporate   jobs   to   get   down   and   dirty   in   the   open   air.   In   2010,   some   of   them   from   the   Ashburton   division helped   out   with   our   clearance   work.   You   can   see   what   they   got   up   to   by   clicking   here .   They   had   a   great   day   and   really   helped us   out.   If   your   company   would   like   to   take   part   in   a   similar   exercise   to   promote   team   building   and   help   the   environment,   do   get in touch. Organisations   can   get   valuable   free   publicity   by   getting   involved.    In   the   summer   of   2013,   members   of   the   Church   of Jesus   Christ   of   Latter   Day   Saints   ‘Lent   a   Hand’   and   an   item   was   featured   in   the   Western   Morning   News,   both   in   the   newspaper and on-line. Read all about it here . For more information, please contact our Workparty Co-ordinator, George Whitehead on 01626 775498 or 07721 684690 or click here to e-mail George . Dates for 2016 April 13th Midweek Work Party April 23rd & 24th Weekend Work Party May 11th Midweek Work Party May 15th to 27th Archaeological Dig at Ventiford Basin June  8th Midweek Work Party June 25th & 26th Weekend Work Party July 30th & 31st Weekend Work Party August  6th to 20th Waterway Recovery Group Canal Camp August 27th & 28th Weekend Work Party September 14th Midweek Work Party September 24th & 25th Weekend Work Party
STOVER CANAL STOVER CANAL Built by our forefathers, preserved for our grandchildren Built by our forefathers, preserved for our grandchildren ęStover Canal Trust ęStover Canal Trust
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Working Parties
After   several   years   of   scrub   clearance   and   maintenance, work   has   progressed   onto   restoration   and   public   access   to the whole length of the canal. Over   the   summer   2013,   we   were   involved   in   the   surfacing of    the    towpath    on    the    southern    half    of    the    canal,    and building    three    footbridges    along    the    path.    Other    tasks include    erecting    signs,    bricklaying,    keeping    vegetation under   control   and   preparing   for   our   Open   Weekend   on   the 17th/18th August. We   are   always   grateful   for   any   assistance   from   members, and   non-members   by   arrangement.   From   just   an   hour   with a   pair   of   secateurs   to   a   couple   of   hours   with   a   shovel   there is   something   that   can   be   done   by   anyone   aged   16   and   over of   any   aptitude.   Young   people   up   to   age   16   are   welcome subject    to    legal    and    insurance    formalities.    We    operate between   9am   to   approximately   4.30pm   each   day.      You   will need   old   clothes,   stout   footwear   and   gardening   gloves   or similar.