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The Inland Waterways Association campaigns for the use, maintenance and restoration of Britain’s waterways. It is a national charity run by volunteers, and has over 18,000 members whose interests include boating, towing path walking, industrial archaeology, nature conservation and many other activities associated with the inland waterways. The Association Vision is to ensure the inland waterways of England and Wales are restored and maintained to the best possible standards, and kept accessible for the benefit of all people. A regular update on all things connected with these aims is published on their website. The South West Region of the IWA has their own section which can be found here.

The Stover Bargee

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Lower Towpath-Phase 1 Lower Towpath-Phase 1 Graving Dock Lock Graving Dock Lock Ventiford Basin and the Granite Tramway Ventiford Basin and the Granite Tramway
Built by our forefathers, preserved for our grandchildren
Winter 2020
Flooding   from   the   River   Teign   has   again   damaged some   lengths   of   the   canal   bank   and   towpath   but   it was   good   to   see   water   in   the   lower   part   of   the   canal -   even   if   it   was   flowing!   Work   parties   are   suspended under   lockdown   restrictions   but   individual   members have    managed    to    stabilised    the    most    dangerous sections for safety purposes.
Following   the   floods   came   the   freeze   but   the   winter sunshine    gave    photographers    the    opportunity    for some wonderful pictures.
Meanwhile,   the   oak   tree   for   the   Ventiford   crane has   been   sawn   to   shape   and   delivered   to   our   yard for finishing.
Spring 2021
These   bollards   have   been   donated   by   a   member   of   the   public   and were   used   to   moor   the   tug   boats   at   Jetty   Marsh.   Barges   were   sailed down the canal and from the early 1900’s were towed to Teignmouth. Whilst   the   bollards   are   too   large   to   be   placed   at   Ventiford   Basin,   being out   of   keeping   with   the   rest   of   the   area,   we   are   looking   to   use   them   as bases for extra seating along the towpath.
The tugboat ‘Kestrel’ at Jetty Marsh Quay, c1914.
Summer 2021
During   the   coronavirus   restrictions,   our   volunteers   have   still   been   maintaining   the   towpath   and   structures   of   the   canal whilst   maintaining   the   prescribed   precautions.   In   addition,   they   are   progressing   the   construction   of   the   replica   crane   to be placed alongside the Ventiford Basin later in the year. We   are   grateful   to   the   management   and   workforce   at   Sibelco   for   their   assistance,   particularly   in   manoeuvring   the massive   wooden   pieces   making   up   the   post   and   jib.   This   has   greatly   helped   James   French   of   JWF   Bespoke   Carpentry and Joinery in fashioning the joints. The   2nd August   saw   a   milestone   in   the   basin   restoration.   The   pieces   of   the   crane   were   taken   from   our   compound   at   the southern   end   of   the   canal   along   the   Stover   Way   and   installed   at   Ventiford.   The   crane   is   taking   shape   nicely   and   we   are now awaiting delivery of the metalwork. Much   remains   to   be   completed   including   landscaping   and   planting   but   we   are   now   planning   an   opening   ceremony   for Spring 2022.