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The Stover Canal Society was formed in 1999 and is dedicated to the preservation and  restoration of the Stover Canal in South Devon, England. Built in the 18th Century, the canal  was used for nearly 150 years to transport clay and other materials from the Bovey Basin, and granite from quarries on Dartmoor, to the docks at Teignmouth.   The society has now merged with the Stover Canal Trust which works with local councils and other interested parties to preserve the line of the canal and to restore it as an amenity for the local community. Some lengths of the canal towpath form part of the Templer Way, an historic trail which links the canal, the  tramway and other legacies of the Templer family.
This website explains the origins of the canal and its features, where it is, what is planned for the future and how you can help in the restoration of this unique piece of Devonshire history.
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